ExploreEquity is a continuation of expertise developed over 60+ collective years spent driving transformative growth in mid-market companies across the Nordics. We combine local investing and consulting experience from top-tier institutions to provide access and operational value-add to partnership investing opportunities primarily in the Nordic markets. From 2015-2017, the Explore team worked together with Nansen Capital Partners, acting as investment managers on their behalf. The work included screening for deals, executing the investment process, leading the ownership effort and serving on the Board of Directors of affiliate companies.

Together with Nansen, Explore was instrumental in the transformation of SKAGEN, a leading Nordic asset manager facing a range of operational challenges. Explore’s work ultimately culminated in SKAGEN’s return to growth and in Storebrand Group acquiring the company for up to NOK 3.5 billion (c.€370 million) in October 2017, creating very material value for the firm’s shareholders.