Minority approach

Through our partnership investing approach, we seek to offer partnership investment solutions to existing owners, founders and management teams. We seek companies whose owners do not wish to cede control, but rather are looking for a high value-add partner who can support them on their journey to the next phase of value-based growth.

Supported by Explore’s flexible capital approach, 60+ years experience from active ownership, company building and change, deep networks in and knowledge of the Nordic market, and the team’s passion for developing companies alongside existing strong and experienced owners, founders and management teams, we believe our intensive operational approach allows us to deliver significant value to our portfolio companies, co-owners, and investors.

We have a unique deal origination process, a well-defined investment process and a hands-on approach to value creation in our portfolio companies. We have a value-oriented investment philosophy and focus on microeconomic situations as opposed to macroeconomic factors.