Our culture

We aspire to be the leaders in the Nordic active ownership minority investment space through exploring undiscovered and unlocked opportunities, partner and then actively work with portfolio companies to drive change and release potential. Our investment focus is matched by our abilities, resources, our personalities and independent thinking.  We are motivated by excelling for our stakeholders (investment partners, investors, portfolio companies and employees) and are acutely aware of our strengths and our weaknesses guided by our three E’s:


We are passionate and curious in our exploration of value, we are fact driven and innovative in our approach. We have the courage to act and the passion needed to drive change. We are the catalyst supporting our portfolio companies and the people within to expand and release their potential.


We are shaping an unrivalled environment for motivating, attracting and developing exceptional talent both at ExploreEquity as well as our portfolio companies. Our culture is based on sustaining a caring meritocracy. Together we believe in the obligation to speak up and have fun at work.


High level of integrity is fundamental to who we are and how we operate. We live by the highest professional and ethical standards. We are transparent and value honesty in all our interaction and value strong reputation of fair dealings.